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Hey Folks,

New here. I've been wanting a Tacoma longer than I can remember. I finally got pretty darn lucky getting one for a STEAL. When I say steal, no one really believes me when I tell them how much I paid for my truck. It was owned by the previous owner for basically the truck's entire life. The only bad thing about it was that it had a hole through the motor, but had lots of upgrades as well. I got it and instantly threw it into my friend's shop and they swapped out the motor for me for fairly cheap and within a week. Had it for a few months now and I couldn't be happier. I want to learn more about Tacomas now that I have one and I've read some posts on here that have really helped me out. On the side I work with motorcycles a lot and my truck really does help me in more ways than any car ever has.

It's a 2WD with a rear locking diff. I am going to convert it to a 4x4 very soon. I would love any help or information on parts I need and from what models and years I can get parts from. Again, I'm new to owning a Tacoma, so please excuse all the terms and things I may not know yet. I hope to make friends from here and also hope to meet some of you soon. Thanks in advance for not flaming on me or my posts too hard, haha.


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