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no more bilsteins, what else???

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ok it seems like everyone is out of bils and it over a month wait just to possibly get some. is there any shock comperable to a bilstein that maybe isnt as pricey. ive searched the forum and all everyone says is bilstein HDs which is nice, but how about us peeps that cant get a hold of any. my lift kit is waiting on rear shocks and i cant wait any longer, so what shock would be close to a Bilstein and not a load of cash to get???? i have a 2" AAL in the rear any my truck is a 2002 prerunner v6.
any help would rule.
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ocdp2000 said:
oh and if you can, include a price per shock and a site where i can order them so i can order them right away.
thanks again
I was looking into another setup and will part with my 5150's. They have about 3K on them and are in excellent condition. I have 3.5" lift and they are a tad long for my setup. For 2" lift you will bottom them out but if you go 3.5" they are ok unless you fully load the bed lift one wheel into the well. Check out my link for a pic. That is the running height at 3.5" lift in the pix.
Uneasy Rider said:
Would the 5150 be ok to use on a street queen with no lift?
How much lift? Stock-no way. 2"-ok. 3.5"-better. 4"-best
You just can't stuff the wheel with a load in the bed or it will bottom out. Running empty, I haven't compressed it all the way. You can see in pix the max amount that I could compress the shock by lifting that side and forcefully trying to make it bottom out. When I had a load of mulch and jacked a side up I could get it to fully compress.
hytenor said:
what are the pt#s on those?
Damnit, I knew someone would ask. I will look tomorrow. I have the receipt in the garage but it's in a pile some where. I think they are the 197HO 28"/16.5"lengths.
hytenor said:
if they are the 197s then they are WAY too long for 3" of lift. Even at 4.5" the 196 that I have is a tad too long. The 197 on the pass side is fine, however.
Yup. I run 3.5" and it will bottom out with a load. I run trails empty and am cautious as to not get crazy with them. They did do a piss poor job with the various sizes. It was either too short or too long. I wanted the full extension since a good bumpstop over stock can stop the bottoming out. We will have to see how the new Donahoe shocks do for the travel dilema. It sounds like they will cover the in between sizes. I am going the shock relocation route soon so all this should be a moot point for me hopefully.
1 - 4 of 48 Posts
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