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no more bilsteins, what else???

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ok it seems like everyone is out of bils and it over a month wait just to possibly get some. is there any shock comperable to a bilstein that maybe isnt as pricey. ive searched the forum and all everyone says is bilstein HDs which is nice, but how about us peeps that cant get a hold of any. my lift kit is waiting on rear shocks and i cant wait any longer, so what shock would be close to a Bilstein and not a load of cash to get???? i have a 2" AAL in the rear any my truck is a 2002 prerunner v6.
any help would rule.
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are they out of all bilstein shocks? i really don't think they are...the ones that are out is prob...5100s, i don't know about the HD...

i got 5150s...since i was waiting over a month for the 5100s like 3 months ago...
or you can get the OME shocks..
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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