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Hello TTORA!

I am at my wits end here. Almost done with my truck for the summer and the radio done gone and went out.

Fuses are good; everyone of em. Headlight dome, power locks all work.

I bought new stero as well since they were on sale and now no longer have to use the tape deck adapter.

Thinking maybe it could be a bad relay? I cant seem to follow the big power cable back further than the airbag behind the dash to see if it somehow shorted out.

HELP! Have been having to listen to willy nelson on my jam box and it just isnt cutting it at 65 mph!

Guess my main question is if I can just bypass the stock power cord and run a wire straight from the battery terminal to the radio?

And since this is my first post I attached a picture of my baby.

00' taco TRD on 31's, OME 881s, camburgs, diff drop, Dakar rears, ARB w XR8 , Energy Suspension rack kit just tossed in, removed sway bar, bed liner, NAPA rear bearings and seals. I love working on this truck and I have a volt meter but electronics are not my strong suite.


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