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non ABS axle to ABS???

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Can a non ABS axle be converted to ABS?

I'm looking at a non ABS axle from a 99 4x4 to replace the ABS axle on my 97.

Also, does anyone have a conversion chart to determine axle ratios based on VIN#s or axle #s?

Thanks for your help!
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i don't think it can. the ABS axle has built-in spots for the ABS sensors. the regular doesn't. you can put an ABS axle into a non-ABS truck, but i don't think you can go the other way around.

i have an ABS axle sitting in my basement (it also has a TRD locker) and a regular non-ABS, non-TRD axle under my truck. i can double check closer for you if you want.
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