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NorCal - Feb 26th Snow Wheeling

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We've decided to head up Mormon Emigrant trail and play in the snow. Meet at the Safeway in Pollock Pines. Please be gassed up and ready to roll by 10:30AM.

To get to Pollock Pines, head east of Sacramento on Highway 50. A few miles past Placerville take the second Pollock Pines exit and get off on Sly Park Road. Turn left under the freeway and you will see Safeway on the left.

We are thinking about heading up Mormon Emigrant trail, and then taking North South road to highway 88. If there is not enough snow at that elevation we can certainly head farther up Mormon Emigrant trail.

A few of us are camping, but you are welcome to come up for the day if you like. Please bring shovels, tow straps, and anything else you think you might need to survive in the snow for a couple days.

See you there!

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I may even show up this weekend... i drove the truck to the shop on sat... the first time its moved since takeover. think jeff (exo boy), and a few others may show as well.
Anybody got an extra seat for AJ??
Aj's rig is apart and our friend's newly built ride is lacking a thing called 'registration'.
i will most likely be there since i will not be sleeping friday night. I got my rig down last saturday and have been bringing it back to life. just give me a call on my cell 925-785-0976

1 - 3 of 50 Posts
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