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NorCal Snow Run - Saturday Dec. 11th

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We'll be up in the Eagle Lakes/Fordyce area Saturday. Be at the trailhead by 11AM. The Eagle Lakes exit is about 45 miles east of Auburn on Insterstate 80. There is a gas station one exit east at Cisco Grove.

Exit on Eagle Lakes road, turn left and drive under the freeway. Follow the pavement for less than a mile and look on the north side of the road for the trailhead that leads to the staging area. It should be pretty obvious from tracks in the snow.

Please make sure to bring proper snow gear, everyone should have a strap and a shovel. Plan on getting stuck a few times.

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BigBadBob0 said:
So what the hell happened, its Sunday morning now and zero posts about nothin. Who got stuck and/or broke?
im wondering the same damn thing
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