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NorCal/SoBay not a run per see but an event

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How about we all go get together and go see that Dust to Glory movie? According to the website it opens at Santana Row on the 8th.
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i am down to go...i am in town indefinately.....

be official and set it up Dick;...

forget you and your damn Death Valley trip...i got the reigns and you better pay for my admission
santana row can suck me...and suck me hard

try to get showtime information..yeh right

so i left a message with their management staff about calling me back with showtime information and general stuff we need to know to see this movie on april its listed under their shitty 6th grade level crappy cant make a website for shit website...

i will get back to you all on showtimes, price,etc
the movie is supposed to be tits.... i am going wheeling tomorrow..just to hollister to do some cool chit..i know you will be banging and chilling all day so i probably wont see you:(
ok, management called me back...Dick you would of had a blast with this one..they sound so ass backwards...

the movie opens friday and plays through the following thursday

they dont get movie confirmation to the prior monday to the official opening.
they dont even have showtimes available to the prior wednesday
the website gets updated to the masses sometime monday through wednesday

so anyways

santana row will be playing and have several showtimes on I will update showtimes and we can pick a time and then we can talk about a meeting place and we can all go together... better pay my admission since i did all this work for you :)
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friday is better for me..i cant make saturday...i guess i can make saturday
i dont care....i am down to hang out with my peeps whenever :)

make it happen dick

you are in charge

you are the free radical global marketing strategist director
he is busy with the this and that and the more of the stuff and squirrel :)

i volunteer you to approach him
1 - 10 of 30 Posts
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