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NorCal/SoBay not a run per see but an event

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How about we all go get together and go see that Dust to Glory movie? According to the website it opens at Santana Row on the 8th.
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Friday night is OK with me but how about Saturday afternoon. Wouldn't that be better for the rest of the folks? Ya gotta consider that Friday night is date night and the theater will be more packed then. You know how obnoxious and loud our group can get.
You better get serious. Don't make me bitch slap you around biatch.:bitchslap
friday is better for me..i cant make saturday...i guess i can make saturday
i dont care....i am down to hang out with my peeps whenever :)

make it happen dick

you are in charge

you are the free radical global marketing strategist director
You do it. You have more time.
Lets get Dean to do it.
he is busy with the this and that and the more of the stuff and squirrel :)

i volunteer you to approach him
DEAN!!!! Get on it!!!

How's that approach, Yunny?
21 - 30 of 30 Posts
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