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I know there are a few individuals going to AZRocks this year from the area:
Mike and I
Dean and Yunny

Andy is leaving a day early and staying over in Vegas but I think most of us were just going to make the trek on Thurs April 4th all the way into AZ. I didn't know if anyone else from the area was going and if everyone wants to meet up and ride in together. I am sure Mike, Dean and I will be causing trouble all the way out, but as for John and Dick? And not that any of you read anything on our local chapter board, but figured this was best suited for here. Its 4 weeks away as of today and thought I'd put this out there in case I'm missing any ideas.

But as of last night Mike and I talked about leaving the bay area around 6 or 7am and possibly taking an alternate route other than 15 through Vegas. Then wheeling Fri and Sat and returning home sometime on Sun. But if some of you happen upon this thread and have a different plan might be nice to hear what everyone is planning... :)
AZRocks thread
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