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Stacey (OldTruck) is the AR-TTORA November Rig of the Month.


Lil’ Black Truck by OldTruck

1987 Toyota Pickup – “A former farm truck”

22RE – Stock (except bungee cord “helper” to throttle return spring)
Transmission & Clutch – Stock and probably needs replacing
Dual transfer case – 21 spline forward shift crawl box, top shift rear, with Trail Gear adapter
Custom Cherry Bomb exhaust
Custom square tube front driveshaft

Front – stock IFS w/ locking hubs, sway bar removed
Rear – stock with Lincoln welded/locked spider gears

Wheels, Tires, & Suspension
31/11.5/15 LTB-01 (6 ply) mounted on six spoke 15” x 8” steel rims
Stock IFS/leaf springs, except torsion bars turned up slightly

“Armor & Rescue”
FaberFab Armor (complete “one-off” custom integration):
Front bumper / winch mount / D-rings
Front fender protection
Rock sliders
Rear bumper
Custom 4 inch tube raised 6” from stock level
Hitch pin mount w/ mounted clevis
Smittybilt 8000 winch
Bed mounted:
Action Packer tub
60” handyman jack
Stock spare tire

Hyundia Sonata bucket seats (6 way adjust)
Stock seat belts (driver & passenger)
Midland 40 channel CB w/ 4’ fiberglass antenna
Pioneer AM/FM/Tape/CD (yes all in one) w/ “rubber duck” antenna
FaberFab tube doors


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Hey . . . just saying, "that's a pretty cool looking rig" . . . just saying
Whatever, we have fun with it. Many have heard me say that I got more in the tires than the truck, it's true if you don't count the winch.

Now, would ya'll all please wake the fudge up and everything.

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I have a throttle cable sitting on the workbench, for ya buddy. ;)
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