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I've got a np435 from a 75 f-250, mated to a ford T shift dana 20 from a late 60's Bronco. The bolts are missing for the adapter and will need to be purchased seperately. There is a t-150 bellhousing already attached so it'll amke to the amc bolt pattern. The 20 has had the shift rails ground to allow it to be twinsticked. I have the custom pilot bushing that is needed for the 258/4.0 aswell.
To use this with the 4.0 you'll need to fab up a way to mount the cps in the bellhousins. Novak-adapt can do it, but it can be easily done in the home garage. It could also be used in a ford still by just swapping the bellhousing

I am looking for $250 out of the setup.

Also have a 5speed forward shift transmission and tcase. $30
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