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OK, well it is time to work on my onboard system.
Essentially, it will be used for airing up tires, and eventually my Air Lockers. However, I would really like the ability to run some small air tools if necessary. This is my first air system, so please take a look at this and if I have anything wrong, let me know. This is the schematic I came up with:

Here are details on the components:

Compressor: I am looking at an AIM DC-7600. This is supposedly the same internals as a Puma, extremeair, etc, and all the research I have done seems to be a good setup for pretty cheap. A lot of street (mini) trucks swear by the DC-5000 and DC-7500, so I figure it will be good. Also, seems strong enough to be able to run tools if need be.

Link: Click Here

Unloader: Link: Click Here

Water Separator: Link: Click Here

Check Valve: If I get the DC-7600 compressor, it comes with check Valve

Manifold: 7 port extreme outback. Link: Click Here

Gauge: Haven’t spec’ed this yet

Saftey/Blowoff Valve: 165 Blow off. Link: Click Here

Pressure Switch: If I get the DC-7600 compressor, it comes with pressure switch, I will simply relocate it to the manifold. I believe it is 100 on/150 off

In-Cab Switch: Probably going to make my own like I did with my lights

Tank: Looking at the Air-Zenith 5 Gallon. It is not too tall (8.5” with legs) so it wont hang too low, but 5 gallons should give me a nice supply before I have to tap into the compressor. Link: Click Here

Air Coupler: Haven’t spec’ed this out yet. Figure they should be easy to come by

If there is anything else I am missing, or forgetting, please chime in and school me. Also, if you think I am going about this all wrong, I would love to hear your opinions/input. All in all, this setup should cost me about $600.

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thats how i'm doing my oba. Just gotta find a few more misc fittings.
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