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I have a pretty basic scanner [Actron CP9135].

To make a long story a little shorter....

I threw a code on the way to work yesterday, so on the way to lunch, I grabbed the scanner out of the toolbox, and it hit P0161 [bank2, sensor2 heater circuit malfunction]. Not exactly a surprise, since this is the third out of four O2 sensors to go tits up in 55k miles. I erased the code to see if it would hit again.

On the way to the stealer after work, the MIL stayed off, and the I/M still said O2 and HO2 not ready, so I drove another 4-5 miles up the highway until they went ready, and about that time, the 161 hit again.

OK, now here is the question:

If the O2 and HO2 I/M's are not ready, does that mean I am still open loop?

If so, then it would make sense that my gas mileage has gone down the toilet of late, since I drove to work and back today [to my new office] and never got a ready indication. This was a bit of a suprise to me since it is almost 10 miles each way over about 25-35 minutes with traffic.
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