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So,truck i just got (01 V6 4x2 pre-runner) driving home got a CEL, throwing a bad O2 code, replace both front and rear O2, tune up the truck, all fluids, new AF, fuel filter the works. Truck runs great, no issues outside of the fact that the cruise control light comes on, but won't engage the system. The CEL code i got was P0420, after replacing everything it threw another o2 sensor code for bank 2 P0130 IIRC, which like i said i already replaced both o2's with denso OEM plug and play parts.

Took the truck down to a 30+ year experience trust worthy electrical mech, he has the truck for 4-5 hours. spends every min on it, test the o2's i just got (said they worked fine) narrowed it down to the ECM. his tracking sheet of the wiring says that if he gets certain readings that are out of spec to replace the ECM and thats the only tip he had. Upset that i bought a truck with a possible bad ECM, i started searching around like a hungry rat for food.

Come to find out, the OBDII port under the left side under the dash on the driver side i see this wire attached to one of the ports wires. Apparently, there is a Violet colored wire on the port, and someone tapped into that wire and ran it all the way to the left to a small fuse box. it then leads into an open slot on the fuse box. i removed the wire, and attempt to run the CEL at this point, the Scan tool says "can't establish a communication connection..." I plug the wire back into the fuse box, the scan tool works find but threw up a different code bank 1 this time. with the wire removed, the cruise still doesn't work.

Has anyone ran into this kind of wiring issue before? anyone know why on earth a person would tap into a OBDII port? only thing i can think of is, i live in CA and smog is a bitch out here. If the truck was throwing codes, maybe the seller tried to trick the obdII port not to show a code, instead of replacing the O2's :confused:. thanks for any help.
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