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Odd sizzling sound?

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Now this is going to sound weird. For about a month maybe I have been hearing this sound while im on the highway. I have an Xcab so I can lean the seat back to try to find where it's comming from. It sounds like it's from the middle of the truck, maybe slightly to the driverside. But here is the deal. It sounds like a sizzling sound and only happens when I go over 50mpg and cruising. If I accelerate, it goes away and when I dont use the throttle at all it's gone too.

I cant figure out for the life of me what it is! I thought it was just something flapping in the wind like some tape or something, but it's deffinatly related to the throttle, and only at cruise... in other words just barly giving gas at all!

Any ideas????
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BajaTaco said:
Speaking of the carrier bearing, it has that rubber "donut" bushing around it. Any idea how much play is supposed to be in that? There is a ton of play in mine - but the bearing spins fine and doesn't make any noise.
I'm wondering the same thing; my carrier bearing has a ton of play as well. I sometimes get a "ding" noise coming from that area while accelerating or decelerating; it sounds like someone is tapping my drive shaft with a wrench. :confused:
Thanks for the advice. How long does this job typically take to complete?
scottnmos said:
Not too long.... maybe 2 hours? Just make sure to mark your driveshaft when you take it apart that way you know just how it came apart and makes sure that everything stays balanced. Let me know if you need anymore help. I know that someone has the service manuals with the step by step instructions....
Thanks again, I will most certainly ask for help when I find myself lost. Somehow, I managed to get a copy of the service manual for my year Taco. Now if I could only figure out all those crazy acronyms. :banghead:
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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