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Official 16" steel wheel thread

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In the same spirit as the 15" thread.

I have found that some of the 16" wheels still don't fit due to the stamping issue. The Wheeler's wheels DO fit, that is certain. They are a 7 round hole wheel. The Soft 8s (Crager, Unique, Allied, etc) DO fit. They are an 8 round hole wheel.

Backspacing on all of these is 4.5", and I *think* 4" on the Type B Wheeler's.

I haven't found a D hole 16" wheel that anyone has gotten to fit, someone PLEASE correct me on this (that what I want, preferably in a 4" or less backspacing :D )
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Aggie98 said:
I got US Wheel Series 84 in a 16x7 with 4" backspace on my '04 DCab. They fit perfect. close on the front calipers, but they fit. They are the D style holes.
Do they have the red stripe? I can only find them in a 4.25" in a 16x8 as well...
Aggie98 said:
Yeah, 4.25 in a 16x8. I got the stock 16x7. They come in the 4", not the 4.25.
Was that a "yeah" about the red stripe?
Aggie98 said:
Hehe, sorry. Yes, they have the red stripe. And to clarify, 4" BS is avail on the 16x7 only. The 16x8 have the 4.25" BS.
So the 16x7s should stick out 1/2" more than stock on each side, right? Stock BS is around 4.5, IIRC. And the 16x8s would stick out 1/4" more than the 16x7s. :D
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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