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Official 16" steel wheel thread

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In the same spirit as the 15" thread.

I have found that some of the 16" wheels still don't fit due to the stamping issue. The Wheeler's wheels DO fit, that is certain. They are a 7 round hole wheel. The Soft 8s (Crager, Unique, Allied, etc) DO fit. They are an 8 round hole wheel.

Backspacing on all of these is 4.5", and I *think* 4" on the Type B Wheeler's.

I haven't found a D hole 16" wheel that anyone has gotten to fit, someone PLEASE correct me on this (that what I want, preferably in a 4" or less backspacing :D )
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I got US Wheel Series 84 in a 16x7 with 4" backspace on my '04 DCab. They fit perfect. close on the front calipers, but they fit. They are the D style holes.
Yeah, 4.25 in a 16x8. I got the stock 16x7. They come in the 4", not the 4.25.
Hehe, sorry. Yes, they have the red stripe. And to clarify, 4" BS is avail on the 16x7 only. The 16x8 have the 4.25" BS.
Yup, Das right
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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