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Just a heads up guys,
Good news! Legislation supportive of OHV use was introduced yesterday in the New Mexico Legislature. Senate Joint Memorial 31 (SJM 31) sets a date for the Department of Game & Fish to create a plan for implementing a statewide youth safety training program.

The 2005 OHV law required safety training for youth ATV and motorcycle riders. But it has been virtually impossible for New Mexicans to comply because training isn't readily available. The law required the State OHV Program to provide a safety training program. It didn't get done in 2005-2009 while Tourism Department was in charge of the OHV Program. The legislation passed last year (SB379) moved the OHV program from Tourism to Game & Fish, but didn't include a new deadline for implementing the training. SJM 31 corrects that omission. It was introduced by Senator Phil Griego and you can read it by clicking on the link to the left.

A memorial is not a law. It is a statement from the Legislature. SJM 31 is a request from the Legislature to the Department of Game & Fish to get the safety program up and running. SJM 31 is a Joint Memorial. This means that the request will come from both the House and the Senate.

NMOHVA is asking each of you to contact your State Senator and tell them to support SJM 31. We expect a matching memorial will be introduced soon in the House and we'll tell you when that happens. Then it will be time to tell your Representative to support it.

Last year, your efforts at contacting your Legislators made a huge difference with SB379.

This year, you can do it again. Help us get this POSITIVE OHV legislation passed.

Thank you for your support and effort,

President - NMOHVA
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