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Oil filter relocation for 3.4?

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Does anyone know who makes an oil filter relocation kit for the 3.4 and where I can get my hands on one? Thanks in advance!
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Some thing to consider when looking for a good relocation kit is one with a good hose set. That is why I went with the AMSOIL relocator kit. Haven't installed it yet, but looks like a good quality relocation kit.
pr0ject42 said:
Thanks for all of the replies guys!

Do you have a product number for the AMSOIL kit you got?
I got the dual remote BMK 13 By-pass filter relocation kit. It is pricy, but I wanted to get the extra filtration from the by-pass filter. Especially since I am supercharged and the oil takes a beating when you get on the peddle hard. I was looking for a signle remote relocator in their site, but couldn't find one. You may have better luck with a different brand and it may be less expensive if you are just looking to relocate your oil filter without the by-pass add on.
Hey thanks for that info. I couldn't find the actual part number for a single relocation kit, but maybe he can call and ask, or an amsoil dealer can chime in. However your input on the location of the filters is helpful. I will try to install it pretty soon so I will take all that into consideration.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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