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I was a member back in the day, and I was wondering if anybody might remember me, and maybe, just maybe if anyone, might have any pictures of my long lost Tacoma.

Name is Jason, I live in Austin... I used to make a lot of runs to the Slab out in Llano. I did a run to North Padre once... that was wicked fun... 65 miles of sand and trash... hehe. Also, I went to Gilmer once.. should have gone more, but I was in school and broke.

Anyhow, I have a friend contemplating getting a 96 Tacoma, and hes got me thinking about the good ol days. If I had room for a third car, I sure wouldnt mind getting another Tacoma, I really had a blast with that truck, rock-friggin solid.

Anyone here at all remember me? People still doing axle swaps? Whats the best lift kit for a PreRunner? I had a Fox, and it sucked, bought it before the Sway-Aways came out...

Thats me in the middle of the page with the Fox sticker on my bed...
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