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I found this after a quick search, you can find a lot of answers by using the forum search function....

Hope this helps, not specific to the outer tie rod, but they should all be very similar...good luck
GOT COPE? said:
Very simple, you almost dont need one.

Tip: Closely inspect boots for holes, tears, or punctures. Now would be the time to replace if needed. You dont want to get into the job and find out one is torn and needs replacing. You'll just have to come back and undo your tie rods again to put boots on. They're not expensive, $25 at most for a pair and putting new tie rods on does no good if you leave torn boots in place. Water and dirt will enter and wear them out quickly.


(I prefer to) lift one side of vehicle, place on jackstand. Can be done with vehicle on ground if necessary.

Count or paint tie rod threads so you can put it back as close as possible to alignment upon reassembly.

Remove boot clamps (2inner, 2outer), inners can be done with pliers to be reused (I cut mine and replaced w/ hose clamps)

Loosen set nut on outer tie rod, this is the nut that holds the inner and outer tie rods in place on the threads.

Now turn inner tie rod to unthread the outer tie rod from it.

Once separated remove inner tie rod from steering rack, you'll need a crecent wrench or pliers capable of widening to 42mm. I prefer big pliers.

Replace with new inner tie rod. Tighten sufficiently.

Make sure you put boot back on.

Thread inner and outer TR back together, remember which threads to put them back on then tighten the set nut.

Clamp boot back into place.

Remove vehicle from jackstand.

Repeat on other side. And I highly suggest still getting the alignment checked by a professional afterwards.

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