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Paintball gearbag sale (Angel, Autococker, Dye i4)

It's time to unload my paintball gear. I haven't played in over a year and I'm constantly accumulating new hobbies, so I should get rid of it. An informed buyer could part out this gear and turn a decent profit. The Angel alone could go for $350 on popular auction sites. (Parentheses indicate individual item prices)

ALL GEAR HAS BEEN WELL MAINTAINED, BUT UNUSED FOR OVER A YEAR. THE ANGEL WAS STORED WITHOUT A BATTERY TO PREVENT CORROSION. EVERYTHING IS OFFERED AS-IS. Local pickup preferred, willing to meet in Houston, San Antonio, or Kerrville. PM for shipping questions.

I'm selling a silver, used WDP Angel A1 with Fly software installed. The gun needs to be oiled/lubed before use. It comes with a nine-piece SlapStick barrel kit with a 14" silver and two 16" (one black, one red) barrel tips. The Angel also has custom, Hunter S Thompson/Ralph Steadman inspired grips and a 68/4500psi tank that needs hydro testing. ($200 without tank, $250 with tank)

The package also includes a PsychoBallistics autococker converted to pump-action. This gun also needs to be lubricated and may need a new o-ring on the valve before use. I remember that it had a very minor leak last time I used it, but it comes with a ~140 round hopper and a 45/4500psi tank that also needs hydro testing. ($100 without tank, $150 with tank)

I'm including my gently-used Dye i4 leopard-print goggles with gold-chrome lens (and spare lens). As well as a Redz California XSV 3+4 podz pack with 5 140-round pods. ($60 for googles only, $40 for pack, $80 for both)

The entire kit comes in a JT backpack.($50)

I'm asking $350 obo for the entire kit.

List Date: 9/22/2015
Location: Austin, TX, United States

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Paintball gearbag sale (Angel, Autococker, Dye i4)
This item is no longer available.


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