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Lots of parts let me know if you guys need anything

Also got some parts from a 22re propane swap if anyone's interested

22re distributor $30.00

22re ecu $30.00

22re coil pack $30.00

Factory 22re intake box and all the plumbing $20.00

22re AFM $40.00

22re All 4 Injectors w/ fuel rail, fuel pressure dampener and lines to the fuel filter $80.00

22re cold start injector $20.00

22re fuel float and pump $30.00 (tank got hacked up by previous owner free with purchase if any one wants it probably has 20 bucks in fuel in it)

22r intake manifold $30.00

Ill try and get some picks up as soon as i can, feel free to call/txt me @ 808-268-7787 or just shoot me a pm thanks
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