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Great day of wheeling out in Penrose. My brother and I decided to drop in Patriot (toughest trail in Penrose) Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend. We were by ourselves, not a soul around (at least until we got to the waterfalls).

We had no problems with the enterance, Bunker Hill, or the Waterfalls. This trail has gotten so much tougher and dug out compared to when we ran it 2 years ago.

We ran into a guy named Robert trying to get some last minute wheeling in before he was headed back to Iraq for his 3rd tour. Nice guy!

The 2nd half of Patriot has gotten tougher as well and just getting up to A-Hole is a workout. My brother walked A-Hole in 15 seconds and didn't slip in (he got stuck in A-Hole for 1.5 hours the last time we ran it :eek: ). I was next and ended up putting a driver's side rear tire in the crack and rode it out on the driver's side sheetmetal :D

Robert walked A-Hole as well with no problems.

Coffin Rock is next and the easier of the lines is far left. I tried it once and slipped off of the coffin. It put me in a perfect spot to try the 5 foot ledge on the right line. Walked it on my first try :eek: :eek: :eek:

Robert attempted the same line and test out his roll cage and front driver's fender :D It about killed us getting him back on all 4's with just 5 people.

The exit is next and I ended up breaking my hydro assist ram on the climb out. Back to the drawing board for the HA system to stop bending 1/4" wall DOM tie rods.

I had a blast for my first time though Patriot!! The 4Runner did amazingly well on the 40's.

Super bend tie rod and broken hydro assist ram. It was alittle tough driving it back to the trailer this way :D
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YouTube video Patriot - Part 1

YouTube video Patriot - Part 2
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