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penrose 6/21

hey there,
just wanted to share a couple of shots from this past weekend. we ending up making it down to penrose early in the morning sunday, hit up liberty and had some extra time to watch the daring push through patriot. we lost our passengers so we had three rigs and three people (92 cherokee, 95 runner, and a 90 pickup)......... interesting for spotting. i think we all enjoyed our time down there. that trail system is getting more difficult as the weather erodes the dirt and rock.

we all made it out but had a few issues. all of us received slight body damage but nothing unexpected. the cherokee was misfiring and sending a code for the O2 sensor. he barely made it out and had problems driving back to denver. i had a new exhaust system installed on the pick up and my shackle in the front was making contact with the exhaust pipe. this cause the engine to be pushed forward slightly and created contact with my electric fan and gave me hell on the a few obstacles.

all and all i love penrose. hopefully, i can get a few members to join us on a trail run and surely i will be joining you all soon. cheers and happy wheeling.
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