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Perfect lift to clear 33's

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I want to get enough lift to fit some 33x12.5 muds. I planned on 3-5", but I'm new to the truck scene, and don't know enough about lifts. What all will I need? Are some kits "more complete" than others? I've been told to lift the minimum amount to clear the tires, and this makes sense to me. I don't understand the difference between the $400 complete kits, and the $1400 kits 4wheelparts wants to sell me. I would love detailed opinions on what works best for around (or under) $1000. Whatever you can spare! :)
My truck stats are below. This is my daily driver, and weekend toy. I drive mostly trails, some mud and snow, with some dabbling in rocks. I don't flex a ton, but want moderate articulation and flex possible.
I appreciate your comments and opinions.
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Cornfed makes a good, affordable spacer lift, as others have already mentioned. Toytec also makes a good spacer for right around the same price. Both Cornfed and Toytec are TTORA members, so with either, you'd be supporting fellow members. If expediency (getting stuff quickly) is important to you, or if you think you will need to ask the seller questions about the lift, then I would say Toytec may be the better option. Cornfed is a great guy to deal with, but he's also very busy with his primary job (military) and isn't always readily available to answer questions, and you can usually expect a 3-week wait before you get your stuff (how long it takes seems to vary with how close you live to him-- he's on the east coast-- and how busy he is). Some people have gotten quite aggravated by purchasing from him, and then having to wait a month or more before getting their order, or not being able to get ahold of him by phone or email while waiting. I have not heard of the same issues from Toytec. Just something to think about...

Cornfed's site

Toytec's site

Another spacer option to consider is Donahoe's 2.5". They're TTORA sponsors and tend to make high-quality products.
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