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Perfect lift to clear 33's

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I want to get enough lift to fit some 33x12.5 muds. I planned on 3-5", but I'm new to the truck scene, and don't know enough about lifts. What all will I need? Are some kits "more complete" than others? I've been told to lift the minimum amount to clear the tires, and this makes sense to me. I don't understand the difference between the $400 complete kits, and the $1400 kits 4wheelparts wants to sell me. I would love detailed opinions on what works best for around (or under) $1000. Whatever you can spare! :)
My truck stats are below. This is my daily driver, and weekend toy. I drive mostly trails, some mud and snow, with some dabbling in rocks. I don't flex a ton, but want moderate articulation and flex possible.
I appreciate your comments and opinions.
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In my opnion for the money you are looking to spend Cornfed is going to be the best bet. Get the full 3 inch kit with diff drop. Also, you can order the body lift through him also. I would say go with a 2 or 3 because I can make my 33/12.50 on 15x10 rim MT/R's rub with 3 sus. and 3 body. For the suspension and body lift it will prolly be around 600 if not less. Then you could put about 500 more bucks for some tires/rims and you would be set.

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