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One of the reasons, you might start to experience poor handling and annoying noises in your suspension, are worn out crumbled OE bushings. To prevent the premature wear of your tires and suspension system overall, get them replaced with high quality polyurethane bushings developed in-house by Energy Suspension. Their Hyper-Flex™ System Master Set includes a wide selection of polyurethane components required for successful operation of front and rear control arms, body mounts, front and rear track bars, front and rear bump stops, and front sway bars. Apart from keeping all your suspension components properly positioned, they will ensure excellent cushioning and dampening. All hardware is included.

Energy Suspension® - Hyper-Flex™ System Master Set at CARiD

Do not miss the opportunity to get your money back, get a $25 rebate with a purchase over $200. The offer expires on August 31, 2017.

Complete the following PDF to receive your rebate.

Get all your old bushings replaced before you find yourself sinking fast in quicksand of suspension system problems. Check our wide selection of polyurethane components by Energy Suspension at CARiD.
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