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Piaa Pro 80 XT, $200 w/ free ship

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I just picked up a set of Piaa Pro 80 XT's for $200 with free shipping from Central 4wd. These are the 350,000 candlepower, 120 watt, 7" round aluminum housing lights. The lights are on "close out". This is the package, with two lights, wiring harness, and covers. Ordered Monday, they arrived today.

They had one set of the driving beam lights after mine, and I don't know how many Fog beam or Pencil beams left.

It's a good price on a good light if someone is looking for them.

Piaa Pro 80 XT

Something I didn't realize on these lights until I actually read the warranty, is lenses are covered under warranty for as long as the original owner has them, if broken by "stress fracture" i.e. rapid temp change (getting hot light wet), but not warrantied for impact breaks (rocks, trees, etc.). That makes me a little more comfortable with them on the front of a 4x4 that sees it's share of muddy roads.
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