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Hey everyone, thanks for checking out my build thread!

The truck is a 2002 Tacoma, 3RZ-FE, 5 Spd., 4WD.

Current Specs

-Total Chaos 4WD Long Travel Kit
-Total Chaos Coil Bucket Gussets
-Total Chaos Spindle Gussets
-Total Chaos Heim Joint Steering
-Icon 9" x 2.5" Diameter Coil Overs
-Icon 9" x 2.5" Diameter Omega 2-Tube Bypass Secondaries
-Deaver F67 Leaf Pack
-Icon 18" x 2.5" Diameter Zeta 3-Tube Bypass

-Central Coast Prerunners Front Engine Cage
-Central Coast Prerunners Aluminum Paneled Wheel Wells
-Central Coast Prerunners F&R Bumpers/Bedside Supports
-Central Coast Prerunners Rear Bedcage/Boxed & Gusseted Frame
-Glassworks Fiberglass Hood, Fenders, Bedsides
-3 Baja Designs 8" LaPaz HID Lights (2 Driving, 1 Pencil)
-Front Wheel Tub
-Crown Steel Braided & Extended Brake Lines F&R
-Black Grille/Corer Marker Light Swap
-Fresh Paint By Sierra Auto Body (Stock Color 040)
-15x8 MT Classic Locks
-33x10.5 BFG All Terrains

-Stock 3RZ
-W59 Transmission
-Factory E-Locker Swapped
-Modified Tundra Front Axles
-4.88 Gears
-Manual Hub Conversion
-K&N FIPK Intake
-Flowmaster 40 Series, Cut & Dumped
-Toyota Parts ALWAYS used for repairs

-10" JL Audio Stealthbox
-Sony CDX-M9900
-Sony 500 Watt Single Channel Amp (Sub)
-Lanzar 1200 Watt 4 Channel Amp (F&R Speakers)
-JBL 3-Way Speakers F&R With Crossovers
-Digital Power Capacitor
-Otherwise Stock

I bought this truck completely stock in late 2006, and since then I have really been transforming into a capable rig. Had a camper shell, fabtech coil overs, and 31"s when purchased.

I believe this is the earliest picture that I have, before the Deaver J59's and bilsteins. Somehwere I have a few when it was stock, but I think they are still on an old phone somewhere.

After driving the truck for about 10k, my head was done. The PO did not do the valve adjustments at 60k, so at 110k, it was time for a new head.

Shortly after, my pressure plate took a dump. New clutch FTW!!

Now that the truck is driving well, I turned my attention to what I always wished my truck had: an E-Locker.

I lucked out and found front and rear 4.56 thirds (code 04, w/ rear e-locker) at a local auto salvage yard. :xozzy:

Swap Swap time! I went in on a parts truck with a friend of mine, a 2000 tacoma with the TRD package. He wanted the motor, I just wanted the axle housing and wiring to make the swap easier.

Swap Swap!!

4.10's coming out

Axle housing prepped for FIPG and 4.56 third

New Axle Seals installed, lubed with seal glide and ready for axle installation

Now, for the wiring. Luckily for me, my tacoma was equipped with the cab wiring for the elocker. Everything was there, expect at connection "BN7" the locker wiring was not pinned out to the female side.

Here, connection "BN7" can be seen. I could have simply pinned out the wires to the female end of the connector, but upon a further inspection discovered that the pins are plated differently, and are different sizes.

Instead, I clipped the wires from the "BN7" connector, and ran my own harness to the locker motor.

Gray wire mod done

Permanent Diff Lock ECU Mounting

Installed and wired up.

Left myself plenty of room on the harness, as I will be doing LT in the rear soon.

More to come!

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Got a little video of the successful locker swap :kewl:

Also installed a Crown rear brake line. With my stock axle and Deaver 8 leafs, the stock line worked perfectly. When I swapped to the E-locker housing, it was too short.

Also threw on a new IAC recently. Mine was nasty!

Compared to the new one:

mmmm no more idle issues :kewl:

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Got some updates...fixed my sinking cab issue!


Spot welds came off center from the factory on the passenger side, most even failing to penetrate through the metal. SMH Toyota

The Inside

Pretty descent cracks going on

Fix Time

I was able to prop the factory bottle jack in a position to jack the cab back up to its stock position

I figured this would be a good time to paint the rig. I am doing a bed cage in January so the bed will no longer be able to be removed. So time for some paint! Keeping the stock color, Toyota "super white" 040


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Got the rear dyno-matted!! Its a flashing material for roofing, but very similar to dyno matt. 2 layers all around the rear of the cab, and under the rear speakers.

Also took this opportunity to remount the capacitor and clean up the stereo wiring.

All bolted down nice and snug now! Originially was held in by 2 self-tapping screws. Now is mounted with 4 bolts and washers from underneath, sealed with silicone. Fuse box is bolted down and sealed too!

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Had some bed supports fabricated by Mike at Central Coast PreRunners. Now my tailgate closes perfectly, and my bedsides don't rattle against it.

Here's a few shots of the truck after the paint job. I also picked up some new tires! General Grabber Red Letters, 33x12.5

Painted the wheel wells and sub cowl black, way cleaner look!

Had the door jams painted, under the hood as well. Fiberglass components were sealed from the underside.


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Finally got all the parts together for my manual hub conversion. I originally set out to buy a non-ADD complete spindle set, but was sent an ADD spindle set. They let me keep the parts for free though, so they came in handy to build while leaving my truck drivable.

Got the uniball slugs on and the total chaos spindle gussets on

Manual Hub Conversion Parts

I couldn't get ahold of any Tacoma style lockouts, but these will do. According to my research, everything is the same except for the hub body length. The inner gear is the same (26 spline) and the faceplate should transfer over. Just need to repaint the dials and throw the new bodies on.

Should be done next week!

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Got the lockouts all rebuilt and painted to the Tacoma colors (yes I got new faceplate bolts, they will be shiny too)

Spindles were sandblasted. Bye Bye east coast rust :thumbs:

And painted with this:

Ginger from C&S Industrial Coating in Grover Beach said that this stuff is where its at.

All painted. HMD!! they came out good

One axle is assembled and ready to go. Got the axle shafts powder coated metallic silver to match the Total Chaos control arms. Too far? I never know :D I still need to cut the collar off of the Tundra inner joint to make it "long travel" then a Porsche boot will placed over the inner like the one pictured above.

Point of no return. Not really but heres the start :D

Dubasses at the tire store cross threaded a lug nut, so that stud snapped off. I would normally raise hell but I have brand new hubs going on for the manual hub conversion ahead.

Front and rear third members removed, they got dropped off at American Gear in San Luis Obispo to receive 4.88 Gears. Both complete setup kits.

And thats all for meow.

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Got some solid updates! Got the truck off the 4 post and driving!

-Manual hub swap completed
-New front wheel bearings
-New front hubs
-New rear axle bearings
-New rear axle seals
-New front axle seals
-New front brakes
-New rear brakes
-4.88 Differentials installed
-New custom Tundra CV axles
-Total Chaos diff drop kit installed

Axle rebuild time!

ABS ring and collar removed

Axle removed

Starting fresh

Axle going in

End result = this X2

Going back together

Nice deep pattern!

Front end

Very happy moment!

Regarding the Tacoma/86-95 IFS lockout compatibility, with the help of Scuba, discovered that the whole dial assembly is interchangeable. (Faceplate, spring, clutch) Had to order tacoma hub bodies.

Ditched the backing plate

To whatever your opinion is on the diff drop, I'm running 4WD with a strapped 13" of travel. I need whatever the hell I can get to drop that CV angle :flipoff4:

Angle of the diff looks great IMO, and with the spacer installed you lose 1/4" of clearance on the bracket. Beyond minor.


A big thanks to my friend Daniel for making this all possible :xbeer3:

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Got a few updates, nothing too major but I will FINALLY have lights on the truck by next weekend!

-OEM Painted Black Grille
-OEM Black Corner Marker Lights (Have them wired as blinkers currently)
-3 Baja Designs Soltek HID Lights (2 Driving, 1 Pencil)
-Baja Designs complete wiring kit
-Baja Designs 3rd light splitter kit
-Baja Designs Switch Kit

Cleaned up the rims and got new lug nuts. Supposedly these McGuards are lifetime warranty against rusting/chipping, good news for me since I'm on the beach all the time. 60 Degree Conical Seats w/ Bulge.



3M Marine Aluminum Polish FTW!!

Also replaced my steering rack bushings. You can see the shiny part of the rack where it was flopping around.

All Done

Originally, I had my bumper set up for 2 lights, so the existing mounts will need to be removed and 3 new mounts will be fabricated on Monday by Mike at CCP. Can't wait to get these HID's on! :D

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Time for lights!

Old tabs were removed, new light tabs were fabricated

Got the lights and grille on today!

Been wanting lights since the beginning, I am amped!!

I chose to get the full wiring kit & switch kit from Soltek, great quality harness kit!

Chose to go through this grommet, kicks the wire out right by the gas pedal so the wire goes almost directly straight to the switch.

A few pics

HUGE difference. I need to do the HID conversion to my headlights. Something mild though, not too blue.

Just Headlights

Just HIDs

Still haven't had time to really adjust everything. The outer driving need to point out a bit more and the pencil needs to go up a bit. Minor detail time.

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Finally got my shocks from Icon!

9" 2.5 Coil Overs With Remote Reservoirs
9" 2.5 2-Tube Bypass Secondaries w/ Remote Reservoirs
Total Chaos Heim Joint Kit
Total Chaos Secondary Hoop Kit
Total Chaos Coil Bucket Gussets
New Upper & Lower Control Arm Bushings
New Upper Uniballs

Mike at Central Coast PreRunners is handling the suspension build. Check him out!

FYI for 3RZ Tacos: For the TC coil bucket gusset kit, the A/C compressor interferes on the front side passenger gusset, a new side will need to be fabricated.

Finally have secondaries!!

I hate the way Icon routes their reservoirs! Will be ordering a longer coil over reservoir hose and mount the can where the king one sat. I'll probably just tuck it on the frame well for now, or could clock the shock back and mount it vertically.

Nice to be able to rotate the bypasses as opposed to the Kings, which are welded in a fixed position. Icon FTW!

Also switched from the General 33x12.5's, they were too big to tuck well. Went back to the BFG 33x10.5's for now, eventually will upgrade to a 16" rim.

Should be finishing up the wheel tub and other side tomorrow :saw:

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Got some more progress to show.

The coil over was removed to install an extended canister hose and remove the 90* fitting on the can. Jeremy from Icon has been very helpful with getting things out quickly, and an extended hose should arrive via UPS overnight at 9am tomorrow.

Got started on the wheel tub, looking good so far. It will be cut out maybe 1" more when its all done, just figuring out where plates meet. I want to make sure everything is welded back internally.This truck will see some hucks so I need everything as strong as possible around the front cab mounts.

Should be done tomorrow if everything goes to plan!

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Front end is all done! Just need to figure out where all of the relays/wiring is going to be mounted under the kick panels. I'm going to silicone the inside of the tub welds also just to be on the safe side, then cover the rest of the interior with the dyno mat material.

Came out CLEAN!



Coil over remote can hoses were extended. I really don't know what Icon is thinking with the bracket to mount a can at a 30* angle going straight up. Haven't seen anyone do a hose swap, but I really liked how the Kings were routed so thats what I made happen.

Some teaser pics :D

Now just need the back end done!

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Back to the drawing board for the front end. I'm going to be ditching the stock core support and wheel wells from the firewall forward in favor of tubing and a removable tower to tower support.

This front end has been twisting and shifting for some time now, so its time to go! :saw:

Core support tweaked

Passenger side crease

Driver crease

Battery creasing wheel well, will be moved to the bed

Rip and tear time!

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Leetle more progress, and got some goodies.

New radiator, hoses, and hood latch.

Also picked up a washer reservoir from a 90 Toyota 4WD. It has mounting tabs all over it, and is a much more reasonable size than the stock tacoma one that is part of the wheel well.

Mike is mocking up the front end. Cab was moved back to its original position (slid to the drivers side over time).

AC condenser and radiator mounts tacked into place

Factory hood latch is tacked into place but might need to be moved after we shifted the cab back over. Basic framework of the front should be completed by next week, then the wheel wells (aluminum plated) will be fabbed along with the tower support. :D

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This is coming out so well I don't know what to do with myself. Mike at Central Coast Prerunners is THE MAN!

A few differences with this tube build, a lot more detail work is involved. Check out the body lines for instance! Yep, thats all fiberglass!

Factory hood latch and hood prop

Shit son even my hood prop has a heim joint!

Adjustable Headlights Still!

Fenders remounted, ditched that hideous lip that used to fit to the factory fender support bracket

Off the cab (the beginning of the framework)

The front of the truck looks so much better with the core support out of the way!

Next step will be to finish the framework, tower support, then wheel wells will be made and plated with aluminum paneling. The bumper support brackets will be remade, with tube going straight to the frame since there is no need for the core support mount. Should turn out purty nice!

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Getting closer!

Mike got all the hoops figured out for the tower support. Here's the foundation:

Definitely a tight fit with this thing, there will be a miter weld support of a single tube that will be able to fit perfectly between the oil cap and #1 coil, so I will only need to remove it to take the valve cover off. Tower support will have a raised 4 bolt flange off of that hoop that ties into the coil bucket tower.

Front resi will still be located on the front edge of the frame rail

Coolant resi and washer resi mounted

Bottom support has a tensioner screw to hold it tight!


Thats all for now!
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