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pitman arm DLE

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Okay, I'm about to go insane. On my SAS, the only way I got my pitman arm drag link end out was a combination of drilling it out and using a sawz-all. I am doing another SAS, and I'm still at the same problem. My hanes manual mentions nothing of removing this. I am not limited by tools, so that won't be a problem. i've tried using a gear puller, heating the SOB, using a hydraulic press, a manual press, banging on it with a hammer, etc. I did notice that there is some sort of small spring in between the pitman arm and the DLE, so i took that out. There aren't any bastard retaining rings in this are there? I was able to get the DLE to budge about 1/8", and thats it. anyway, any ideas? Thanks.
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are you trying to remove the stock DLE (as you put it) from a toyota IFS box pitman arm? it's not rebuildable, and if you are going for the insert, the only way to get the end out is to chop the top off and push everything out via the bottom and then grind off any sharp lips left behind.
thats what I ended up doing, and now I have the stocker with insert as a spare
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