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Plastic Clips - Part No.s???

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I have a 1998 Tacoma 4X4 2.7L DLX extracab rig.

I'm having an impossible time locating a few plastic wiring harness clips. These plastic clips wrap around the wiring harness and then slid onto a metal tab inside the engine compartment. One of the clips has a large "10" (circa 20mm wide and 10mm inner diameter) on it and the other has a large "15" (circa 20mm wide and 15mm inner diameter) on it.

The two "10" clips I need are located under the metal tube of the air intake, on the passenger side of the cylinder head. They hold the wiring harness there.

The "15" clip is located maybe a foot below the positive battery terminal wire and mounts to the inside of the drivers side wheel well.

Also, there is a small plastic clip that holds the brake line at the rear of the engine compartment. The clip is located in front of the passenger.

Any of you all have experience with getting these? I even tried the stealership. They were kind enough to print out the four pages of clips available, and the "10", "15", and brake line clip aren't on there.

Any insights would be awesome! I could post pics too of them if needed.

PS I'm going through my Taco and trying to restore it somewhat. The poor guys been abused through previous owners and mechanics tearing him apart. Slowly but surely, he gets pieced back together. The best little truck I've ever owned though, solid little runner...

PPS Some whacked mechanic cracked my wiring harness plastic bracket at the rear of the cylinder head. This is the large black plastic a lot of the wires go through. I looked into getting another, and Toyota doesn't sell just that, I'd have to buy a whole new wiring harness at $500 or so. Geesh, I'll live with this...
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Thank you SafetyDang. Apologies on this later response! I couldn't get into truck to show spots until Sunday, and then tied up until then with other stuff. Life!

So I don't think those pictures you posted are quite the clips I was looking for, but similar... Here's some photos of the clips in question and their locations:
These are the "10" and "15" clips

This is one location of the brake line clip that attaches inside the engine compartment. This clip is located in front of the passenger. I don't have a good close-up of it. There's a similar one in front of the driver

This shows the location of wire harness clip "10" (note, the metal air intake tube has been removed)

This shows the location of the wire harness clip "15" (note, this is directly below the positive battery terminal on the drivers side inside the engine compartment about a foot down)

I hope these links work! The saga of trying to locate these clips is nightmarish. Such crucial little pieces in the engine compartment...


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