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please help!!

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I just finished changing the head gasket on my 95 2.7L, 163000m, started it up, and it completely dies after like 15 seconds. No stumbling, just dies. If I keep the throttle on for past that point, It will stay running, but it idles a little high, at like 1k-1.5k

I shot it with a timing light, and its sitting at 2 marks to the left of 0, which I think is 1. I know some engines normaly run a little retarted or advanced, but I havent found any good info for this one.

My other guess was a vaccum leak. I hooked up a vaccum gauge at the PCV valve, and it read like 2-3 in Hg. I bought all new lines today but no difference.

Also I had the codes pulled, and it had a camshaft pos sensor code. I just saw the other thread and will test it, but could this be from either of the other two things I mentioned?
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