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First off, I hope I am putting this in the right place. I have a Pontiac 400 that has been bored over by 40 for sale. It is completely disassembled. I was going to put this engine in my race car but they cancelled the races. The engine has been completely cleaned. There is an RV Cam, heavy duty oil pump, and the complete rebuild kit. The heads are 6x heads. I guess those are good according to old guys around here. I was winning races with only 6 cylinders. This was one reason I was having it rebuilt. The intake manifold is aluminum but there is a small crack that can be welded on the underside. I am throwing in an edolbrock carburator in too. All the brackets, the altenator, distributor, fuel pump....everything I can possibly get rid of that can help you's yours. I am asking $1500 o.b.o. If anyone out there can help me out....let me know.

Those interested, IM me and I can get some pics. I need to still take them.
$1500 obo
Lawton, Oklahoma
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