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Port and Polish?

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With all the talk of headers being done, does anybody know about how much it would cost to have a port and polish done on the stock setup? What differences would there be between this and just adding aftermarket headers?
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The power gained would likely all be high end power, where the SC has lots of gains all te way down to near idle!

I did heads/intake/headers/MAF/etc. when I had my '94 5.0L Mustang. The low end and midrange stayed nearly the same, but once you hit about 3000-3500rpms, the power kept climbing instead of dropping off. It had an estimated 300-320 crank HP with that setup.
To bring down the power, you'd need cams. That's a lot of money for 25hp or so :)
I suppose if you have lots of cash to toss at it, and already have everything else, this would be the next logical step.

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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