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Nice write up!

However I would like to set the record straight, It was the one who came up with this mod. I showed AJ up on a winter run a few years ago.

Any ways, after I did that, I started to look into the hole system. The pump, ram, resivore, and steering box, and all the information I could find led me to belive that it should not be nessarry to expand the capisity of the resivore.

I then removed the added portion and started from scratch.

What I did find out is that the reason it was boiling over wasent because of heat, of lack of volume, but instead it was that I dident have the system bled properly.

After bleading the system properly, I have never had a problem with the set up. The only thing I am going to try is to drill out the restrictor plate in hopes of speading the system up left to right.

I'll post up after I do it to let you all know how it works out.

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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