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Power supply for lights!

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I have 6 100 w lights installed on my rack and pro comp bar. I need to know if I should get some sort of seperate power supply and how i should wire them. this is my first experiance with electrical on this truck so i have no idea. I have a diesel with two batteries that you can wire anything anywhere without any mods. Let me know what yall do!
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You need relays. each light is pulling 8.3 amps and most relays can handle 30 amps. All of your lights running will be pulling 50 amps. I don't know if they're all facing forward or if you have one or two facing backwards. If they're all facing forward: Run at least 2 8ga wires to two different relays, then up to the lights and have 1 14ga to each light. If having 2 lights facing backwards: run 1 6ga and 1 10ga to 2 different relays. You can figure the rest.
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