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Pre-runner or 4x4?

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Whats going on guys. I had recentely purchased a 2000 model pre-runner thats had a 2 1/2" rough country lift on it with some 285/75/16 on it also with very minimum rubbing. It sit up pretty tall nothing outragous or ne thing it was nice for a daily driver.Well i totalled that truck and now i have a 2003 toyota 4x4. I was worndering if i did the same thing to it if it would sit up the same height as the pre-runner with the lift or does the pre-runner sit up higher stock than the 4x4? And do yal think that i could run the same size tires as i did with the pre-runner.
Thanks for all the help,
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it might sit slightly lower due to the extra weight from the front driveline/diff...but not much at all. same tire combo should work, might need to do a little trimming but nothing major
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