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So its finally happening, after many months of searching craigslist and reading forums, I bought a frame with all the necessary parts for the conversion. Only problem is the extent of wrenching on my truck is installing a suspension lift kit, so at the end of this conversion I'm either going to have a sick 4x4 truck, or a heap of metal.

Oh and another problem my truck isn't passing its smog test right now. Well everything is passing except for a dumb catalytic monitor which is reading as "Not ready". Anyone that has had the same issue will know how annoying this is. So I need to take care of that and schedule an appointment with the smog referee guy before I start my conversion, and of course they're closed on the weekends.:doh:
So who knows how long until I actually can begin.

So on to the conversion. I picked up the frame a couple days ago and have stripped it of all necessary parts, which are currently sitting in my side yard. (If anyone needs a 1st gen frame in SoCal for cheap hit me up).
image1 (4).jpg

Unfortunately I was unable to get manual locking hubs, so I will be attempting to alter Toyota's ADD locking system by clamping the shift fork in the ADD assembly so it is permanently locked in the engaged position, allowing me to shift into 4wd whenever I please. Please correct me if I am wrong, in which I will have to cry and rethink my whole life.

I'm sure I will run into many issues, but hopefully I will be able to find the solution with the help of the forums and anyone who chooses to follow this build.

Any advice from those of you who have done this conversion, or those of you who are just smart would be greatly appreciated.

Also, even though I don't really know what I'm doing, I'm thinking about making a video series for YouTube of the conversion as nothing like that really exists. If I decide to I will provide links to my channel.

Thanks and enjoy!:xpopcorn2
(May be a week or two before I actually start, but I'm just getting this thread started)
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