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Thanks man. I has been a labor of love.

Well, I bit the bullet and bought some beadlocks. Hopefully they will cure my tire problems on future wheeling trips.

They are fairly new on the market and are a joint venture between TrailReady and American Eagle Alloys.

TR Hardrock - Series 025 - TRUE BEAD-LOCK (Single Wheel)

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A little more progress.
Cleaned up the frame and body mount. I'm running the upper link frame mount here.

Orbital mount finished up.

Atlas mocked up on the A340F.

Initially fit into place

Big hole in the floor. I have to relocate the fuel return lines here. I also need to figure out some sort of skid plate for the transmission pan. A little too exposed for my liking.

Frame mount upper link bracket with panhard mount tied in.

I cut a new plate for my transmission tunnel cover and got my shifters mocked up.

Since my radio fried at Hot Springs during the monsoon, I decided to make the radio area a spot for some switches. They will control various lights, the trans cooler and some other things. The trans temp gauge may go in there as well since I have the room. I need a few more rocker switches to finish it up. The plate is a piece of stainless sheet metal that I had laying around and I have about 10 bucks in switches invested.

A little more progress...

Blue Torch Fab full hydro mount and PSC XR 2.5x8 DE Ram

Mocked up

PVC mock up links in place on the Driver side. Ended up with a 32 in uper and 39" lower.

Threw a tire on to see what it is going to look like. Tire is 5 inches off the ground in the picture.

I started on my transmission X-member and skid plate. Its has been a challenge to say the least. I have to work round the exhaust and driveshaft and a few other things. I almost have a complete flat belly right now. The Atlas is hanging down about 1.5-2 inches below the frame. It will be mounted with 6 bushings to the frame rail. I should have it mostly done tomorrow hopefully.

Then, I need to drop the trans and TC to get them bolted together completely and install the Torque Converter and reinstall.

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I finally got the A340F and Atlas II together and sealed up. I burned in the cross-member mounts and skinned the transmission/ transfer case skid with a piece of AR500 plate.

I will be adding another cross member for a tail support for the Atlas.

I ordered some more parts from Barnes4WD to finish up some small things and will be fabbing up a cover for that gaping hole in the floor.

I should be ordering up my Fox 14"coilovers from Ryan at Accutune after KOH.

Then I need to cut out my old shock hoops and refit them on the frame rail.

There is still a lot to do.

I had to do some fitment issues with my hydro mount. I had to trim about 3 inches out of the mount to get my steering linkage at a better angle and buy me some room by the lower radiator hose. I also added 2 more clamp mounts for the ram.

I also got my 2" .25 DOM links and the 1.5" DOM panhard cut. I extended my frame side panhard mount to add some length. Killed my HF Sawzall. Had to order up a quality Milwaukee one to replace it.

I got my transmission and Atlas dropped for final assembly and trimmed the hole a little more. I will have to put my sheet metal skills to work to patch this hole and get my passenger seat mounted.

I fabbed up a cover for my floor pan. Front cover will be removable to access the front driveshaft.

I got my Derale trans cooler mounted.

I got my transmission flexplate and TC bolted up and my starter re-installed.
I need to reinstall my header and muffler, fill the trans and Atlas, plumb the cooler lines to the transmission and proceed with a test fire on the engine.

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Transfer case cover finished with the integrated seat mounts. Toyota/22518771-D234-4235-BD48-033E033C9B94_zpsv71qi9vm.jpg.html][/URL]

I found a set of the liquid sounds shallow mount speaker pods with a set of Kicker 6.5" coax speakers. Toyota/F18B0092-109E-477A-80B0-9009DBE8B406_zpsxdtzusla.jpg.html][/URL]

Most importantly I started mocking up my Fox 14" coilovers. I had to cut off the shock hoops, move them forward about 2.5" and kick them back about 10 degrees. The lower shock mounts are from Artec and integrate to the lower link mounts. The upper shock hoop mounts are from Wide Open Design. Toyota/1E4F517D-DF6B-49A9-A1F0-B230268E5137_zpsofwerr6w.jpg.html][/URL]

I got the front D60 welded out and painted. Both coil over mounts are done. The full hydro is mounted and the lines are plumbed. I finally finished mounting my last tire and torqued it to spec since I was tired of looking at it. I mounted the front grille and welded in the driver side seat mount.

I should have a roller by the end of the week when I get my coil overs back from Brave Motorsports. I'm pretty excited. It has been a long time coming.
Links are done, steering is plumbed and bled, the engine fired up after 8 months on the first crank and the auto seems (fingers crossed) to be working correctly. I'm pretty happy. Kinda overkill with the pics but I'm proud of all of my hard work with some satisfaction that 98% of it was done on my own.

Short test drive completed.

Knocking out the little things.

Vision X Optimus pods

Bed lined out with a Pelican case for tools and and my ARB recovery gear

Interior wiring and shifters completed

Well the test drive went well on Friday. I didn't push it too hard and put about 5 miles on it. The full manual control of the auto is pretty sweet. I even threw the plates on ha ha.

Just a few little things to wrap up over the next few weeks before my trip to Gilmer.

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Rear 4 Link and Backhalf

About a month and a half ago I put the truck under the knife again for a full backhalf and rear 4 link.


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