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I just wanted to give props to John and the guys over at San Diego Trux on Miramar Road. Actual Address (8494 Commerce Ave, SD, 92121)

I started up my truck this morning and had a squeak coming from the belt. I wasn't sure if it was coming from the belt itself or if a pully had gone bad. So, after I got to work I looked online for a place to drop my truck off at while I was at work this morning.

I found San Diego Trux and went over soon after they had opened, John had told me that they were packed with appointments today and were only going to be there for half the day today, however he squeezed me in.... 2 hours later I received a phone call from John that my truck didn't need new belts or a pully assembly and all that was wrong was that the tension was out a bit. They adjusted the tension free of charge and my truck was ready to be picked up.

So, I had a co-worker race me back over to the shop where I thanked them and went on my way... I get back to my office and take a look at the work order. Not only did they adjust the tension in the belt, but they also replaced a burned out bulb that I had on the right front of the truck and adjusted my tire pressure properly.

By going that extra mile, John and his crew have earned a customer and my trust. Given that they specialize in Toyota trucks makes it all that much better.
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