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Pure Power Lubricants

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Hello everyone, hope this is acceptable to post here, wanted to get everyones thoughts...

PURE POWER makes some lifetime oil filters and called me today to see if I was interested in selling them.

Do any of you have any experience with this product? At $199 a pop would that be something that any of you would be interested in?

I placed the LINK to their site in case you wanted to take a look.

Anyhow, if anyone would be interested or has anything to share, could you please let me know!!

Heck if there is a lot of interest I would be happy to do a group buy.

Thanks as always, talk to you all soon!

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TRDUSA2002 said:
To me its not worth it. I would rather use a larger amsoil filter with a filter mag from At least with a filter mag it traps and particals to the oil filter housing. Ive installed one inline on my auto tranny.
"Snap the high powered transmission magnet onto the bottom of your steel transmission pan."

You do know that a magnetic field won't penetrate through steel don't you? The flux gets diverted and stays internal to the steel (or any other magnetic material).
stevet47 said:
I must be miss-understanding what you are saying here....because if not, your just flat out wrong. Your saying, if I put a magnet on 1 side of a piece of steel, I cant feel the magnetic field on the other side???? How do the magnetic oil-filter colars work then, the magnet is on the outside of the steel fiter case, the metal particals are attracted to the magnet though the saying this is impossible????
I'm soo confused on what you are saying.
Yes, a magnetic material acts as a magnetic shield. The flux lines are constrained to within the material. The only way some of them can penetrate, is if the field is sufficient to magnetically saturate the material (B-H curves and all that). I'm saying your question "How do the magnetic oil-filter colars work then" should have the word "how" dropped from it.

If you don't believe it, take the magnet, stick it on a similar sheet of steel, take another piece of steel like a screwdriver or a fork or something, and feel for yourself what happens on the other side. If there is any field that penetrates, is it strong enough to capture any particles against the flow?
Big magnet, small pan. The field goes around the pan, it essentially is just an extended pole piece. It does not intersect far enough out to complete the magnetic circuit. This is unlike a typical oil filter setup, where the metal completely encloses a space and hence must intersect with any flux heading towards that space.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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