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I am selling this setup to partially fund a new/used Atlas

• Marlin Total Spline 23 spline input gear
• Marlin MC07 23 spline Dual adapter
• Original Longfield Rear TC output
• Marlin 30 spline front output
• Davez Offroad Twin Sticks
• Davez offroad shift knobs – crawl box and twin sticks 3 total
• Marlin 4.7s in the rear
• Marlin shift seat for crawl box
• Marlin Triple drilled TC flanges
All new bearings and seals when built in 2013. Less than 8 wheeling tips on the Duals. Also has the upgraded Marlin shift detent springs.

Looking for $1600 OBO

• R151F It was in the truck when I bought it. Shifts well. No grinding. Haven’t had any issues with it since I have had it.
• Marlin R151 short shifter with Billet base ($300 when new)
• Marlin block off plate for the forward shift hole on transmission

Looking for $700 OBO
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