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Hello everyone, I'm not new to TTORA but last time I posted was like 2011 on an account that I have no idea the name or password of lol.

Anyway, Just got a 1998 4Runner a couple months ago and for my first mod I want to install those racecar window nets on my rear door windows so I can have the windows down without my dog jumping out.

I bought a couple G-Force window nets that are the same size as 4runner rear windows. I'm having trouble figuring out how to mount them while keeping the use of the rear windows up and down. I closed the net in the door seal on top and ran a strap through the bottom. It kind of works but it's difficult to hold the net in place every time I need to open the doors. Install kits are all designed for race cars with roll cages or metal to weld to the body.

Any ideas? Anyone else done this?


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