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Radar detectors/digital cumpasses

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if anyone is looking for good quality radar detectors or digital compasses, check out
the newest radar can detect police POP and 3 other bands of radar. I have the Steele Eye and the SilverBullet
The digital compasses are cool, too. i have the V2020 which gives you a digital compass, heading, and sensors which give you inside and out side temps.
just cool toys
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NorCal4life21 said:
if anyone is looking for good quality radar detectors or digital compasses, check out
I've had a PNI compass for about 3-4 years now in my Taco. I'm NOT impressed and don't feel it worth the $$ unless you 100% must have a compass. Its way to inaccurate to help establish landmarks in the backcourty. It might be fine for highway/street use, where roads signs will help you navigate, maybe like an RV.

I called PNI and asked how to fix this, I was told it is normal, and PNI is very happy with their product, even if I wasn't. When I called they said I was talking to their engineer, and I tried to discuss an easy fix, but they where NOT interested.

Since I have more than one navigation aide in my truck, I have learned to deal with the PNI compass. BUT in my opinion you are better off with a cheap $5 to $15 handheld pocket compass if you are trying to navigate around the backcourty. If you want an in-out temp gauge, there are much better units for alot less $$s

I have a few friends who also got the PNI electronic digital compass and feel it was money mis-spent for navigation. Also the suction cup design is very poor and will need to be reworked or completely modifiyed after about 2 to 3 years. A friends mount clamp broke and after contacting PNI, was told the part was not available, he would need a whole new compass, so I made him a home-made support bracket.

Other than that the compass I have is nice, the buttons are easy to use, the dual power is handy, and the auto-back lite is useful.
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NorCal4life21 said:
calibration is tricky, and im sure you did it right, but also any digital compass is affected when you have the air going,
I've had the best results doing the calibration on dry lake beds, away from powerlines, buildings, etc. PNI said the more you calibrate the better the unit will learn my vehicles magnetic field. I done it about 10 to 15 times over the years, and it did improve, but still not as good as I figure it should be for the price.

Now I only use it when my GPS display is not flipped down, and only as a basic reference.

I put my temp sensor on a plastic tab in the air flow near the grille. I also have a temp sensor in my HVAC intake.
NorCal4life21 said:
another thing that will help is to have the units hooked up to the 9v.
I just hard wired mine in back during the install.

BTW, how are thing up in No Cal. I grew up Northwest of you in Ft Bragg, we used to go the "Big City" (Santa Rosa) to buy our Sunday Best. :)
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