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Radar detectors/digital cumpasses

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if anyone is looking for good quality radar detectors or digital compasses, check out
the newest radar can detect police POP and 3 other bands of radar. I have the Steele Eye and the SilverBullet
The digital compasses are cool, too. i have the V2020 which gives you a digital compass, heading, and sensors which give you inside and out side temps.
just cool toys
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PNI sells to like Wal-Mart, but they work well. I dont know much about V-1's. My dad is the senior engineer at PNI so i do allot of the testing, so they just give me a bunch of shit. The V2020 has wireless sensors, its pretty cool. ill get a pic of the inside, i got both the radar and V2020 on dash. I just realized the Steele Eye hasnt even came out. But its my favorite so far.
calibration is tricky, and im sure you did it right, but also any digital compass is affected when you have the air going, listening to your radio, or using any other electrical thing in your truck. ive noticed a change when i turn on the air, then turn it off. The durability of the outside sensor is good, i have it in sight on my bumper and its been good for the last 6 months that ive had it. The company oftenly uses these compasses on orientiering outtings, so accuracy isnt an issue.
another thing that will help is to have the units hooked up to the 9v. I was running off batteries for a while and it was a little off. my inside temp is in a little nook where the dash and the inlay between the seats meet. PNI is pretty small, we dont have a huge wherehouse to keep parts.
lol, things are good. i live in Santa Rosa, but go to El Molino in Forestville, and people who live out there get excited when they go to Santa Rosa, i laugh at them cuz ive lived here all my life and its not THAT great. Lotsa librals, i dunno if thats a good or a bad thing for you, but i saw the worst libral bumpersticker yesterday that just blew me away. Other then that, its rainy.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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