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Radio removal, Sirius install '05 Tacoma

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I recently installed a Sirius plug and play unit in my truck and had a need to remove the radio to access the antenna plug in the back of the radio.
Procedure is to carefully pry forward the heat/air control panel. It is secured in the dash by four corner anchor pins. Once this panel is pulled out a little, you will see four screw heads, I think they were 10mm. Unscrew these and the radio will now slide straight out with the face plate intact. I then used a switch box from Audiovox to patch in the FM out lead on the Sirius cradle to the radio antenna jack. This is the best you can do with the factory radio to an Audiovox plug and play unit. This setup eliminates broadcasting the FM signal to your antenna.
For the Sirius radio cradle mount, I custom fabbed an aluminum bracket, painted black and secured it to the bottom of the cup holder tray (See pic).


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Super Doody said:
good job. Are you any reception problems with sirius?
hey jim, I went to Los Angeles this weekend and noticed a huge difference in reception and sound quality. In san diego it usually cuts out under every bridge and even when at a drive up atm or drive through window. In LA it never cut out under bridges, i even got reception in a parking garage! The sound quality improved too. I think there are spots that the satellites are aimed at and everyone else in surrounding areas only gets what they can pick up.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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