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Re-torque Drive Shaft

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Getting ready to do my oil change, lube. I just wanted to know if the drive shaft needs to be re-torqued every 3k miles, and if so...How do I go about re-torque-ing it? And is there anything special I need to do during oil changes. This is my first time doing it on my truck...(always had the dealer do it..for free :) )
What about the wheel bearings, propeller shafts??? Lube those too???
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VaTaco1 said:
I doubt you would have to check it everytime you do an oil change. I check mine before and after off roading, and that's about it.

To torque something you'd need a torque wrench to get the correct amount of foot pounds. Or you can entirely guess and just tighten with a regular wrench, which isn't good cause you could strip the thread.

Use a rag under the oil filter when you remove it, as an attempt to not spill oil further down into the engine bay. Be sure the drain plug is in before you add new oil..

The only thing you can grease is the drive shaft. Look around it, there should be nine on a 2 piece d shaft.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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