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So idk if any of y'all were around back in uhh 2008 & 09 but if so you might remember me from a few hooters off IH35 in Selma meet ups. Since then I joined the Marines and took that truck to Cali, Hawaii and back to Cali where it sat for over two years while I was deployed. I came home for 16 days in between my 2nd and 3rd deployment and went to go get my baby from LA and ATTEMPT to drive her home. She was driving REALLY strong when I dropped her off but I guess two years of sitting will do it to ya... A bearing on my crank started knocking really bad when I got to El Paso... :mad:

So I took her down to 210JDM off 410 and Bandera (San Antonio) and told the guys I want a new JDM motor, TRD super charger, long pipe headers, high output valves and fuel pump, rebuild my transmission and trans axle and have her lookin real good for me when I get back! I'm confident they won't let me down.

But while theyre in there doing all that is there anything else I should be doing?

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